The students are from Lebanon and all Arab countries, since the university was founded for the Arab world from its headquarters in Lebanon.

Their academic specialization at AUNOHR is naturally a scientific - academic and professional choice, and at the same time intellectual - humanistic. They never wavered in enrolling in new majors, which renders them the first holders of such degrees in Lebanon and the region.


AUNOHR congratulates, both, those who have chosen and will choose to belong to the University as well as its modern majors in Non-Violence and Human Rights.


Our societies that still live in the heart of violence and/or are in a transitional phase are in dire need for AUNOHR students, that is, high potential candidates who are deemed “organic energies”. The university aspires to empower the arab societies with practitioners, social actors, intellectuals, and innovators on the personal, intellectual, and professional levels.



Since AUNOHR started the first specializations at the postgraduate level, the students are:

  • From different ages, between 22 and 60 years;
  • Have previous university degrees, in various specialties; including a bachelor's degree, and those who have more than one master' degrees, in addition to doctorate degrees, from Arab and international universities;
  • From diverse cultures, experiences, social contexts, political circumstances and various religious frameworks throughout the Arab region;
  • The first students came from six Arab countries: Palestine, Syria, Iraq including Kurdistan, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.


Who were the first students in AUNOHR - graduate studies?          

  • University Professor,
  • Faculty Director at University -  Faculty Coordinator,
  • School principal - School coordinator,
  • School teacher
  • Lawyer - Human Rights activist,
  • Journalists,
  • Company manager
  • Founder of NGO,
  • Program Manager of an NGO, Program Manager of an INGO,
  • Project Manager for a women’s program,
  • Educational trainer, social trainer,
  • Founder of an educational company,
  • Actress, actor,
  • Drama teacher,
  • Painter -  Drawing teacher,
  • Responsible for civil campaigns and political issues,
  • Student Affairs Officer at University,
  • Elected member of municipality,
  • Member of Syndicate,
  • Doctor (physician), Veterinary
  • Nurse, Employee at Hospital and Laboratory,
  • Technology expert in an electronic sector,
  • Civil engineer,
  • Cadre in the public sector,
  • Translator - official in a cultural institution,
  • Researcher - writer,
  • Head of parents' committee at school, member of parent committee at school,
  • Psychologist / Therapist,
  • Director, Founder of Art Production Company,
  • Sheikh, Monk, Nun,
  • Young man/woman - Bachelor degree from a previous university.

Alumni Network

● In addition to its academic mission, AUNOHR aims to support the creation of a Non-Violent Arab nucleus consisting of graduates who gathered from different countries in the region, debated and perhaps shared a mutual dream...This was the case with the first enrolled students; they have become a dynamic group that constantly communicates and creates spaces to meet and think together through electronic means and social networking. Some of them have established permanent links to common creativity.

And as more than one student said, in a special testimony about "the university in the eyes of its students":
- "The university has succeeded indirectly or directly in creating an informal network of friendships in the Arab region, friendships that grow continually and are very useful at the human and professional level. And this is a noble objective because we attend other universities and usually graduate without forming such network"... 
- "An additional substantial thing about the university, is that it has introduced us to people from all the region, and we have became an Arab non-violent group, ….I imagine this is one of the major objective of the university”... 

● On the other hand, the university seeks to support the establishment of an alumni network that embodies through practical and creative activities, the significance of this culture and these majors. This network secures a bond that goes beyond the graduates’ earning a degree from the same university.


New academic generation for Non-Violence
AUNOHR is pleased to have announced, since its inception, an ongoing plan to select the most distinguished graduates, non-violent and non-sectarian, who demonstrate high academic achievement, to join a scientific program for high academic qualification that produces a new generation of academic professors on Non-Violence in Lebanon and the Arab region.