Individual Courses

●   The "free Student Program" - Individual Courses - an open degree program, offers the opportunity to register in one or more independent academic course, to acquire modern skills for their professional and social development, without enrolling in any of the postgraduate programs.


● ●An open study program for all fields and age, as an academy for all.


●   Owing to this kind of flexible study, the circle of knowledgeable individuals in the culture and skills of non-violence will expand. The program is a motivating formula for professionals, educators, social workers, university professors, researchers, media professionals, elderly people, and those who do not wish to re-specialize or obtain an additional degree, but desire to enroll in a course or a series of courses of their choice.


●Students will be granted with an attestation (credits) upon completion of each course successfully.
●The credits could be transferred towards a master's degree or a diploma, should the student reconsiders graduating in these programs. 


Examples of courses available for this program

NHR521 Philosophy and Skills of Non-Violence Education
NHR528 Non-Violent Management Methodologies for Schools
NHR533 Models and Methodologies of Mediation
NHR547 Strategies of Non-Violent Action
NHR523 Positive Approaches of Conflicts & Non-Violent Communication
REM001 Self-Rehabilitation (Theater, Art and Psychology)
NHR554 Human Rights Theater
NHR552 Training Methods for Trainers and Educators
NHR527 Philosophers and Pioneers of Non-Violence
NHR531 Punishment in Education: Non-Violent Alternatives
NHR546 Human Rights modern teaching
NHR567 Culture of Non-violence and Religions