The university adopted the strategy of educating first, before it took an edifice of its own or a final and fully-equipped university campus. Therefore, it launched its first experience from a building owned by a social institution, renting part of it and turning it into a university-like campus.

AUNOHR later moved to a complete but temporarily-rented building, in a beautiful town in the countryside (Ayroun- Dhour Shweir).

Meanwhile, it signed with the Lebanese University a protocol allowing it to use some rooms in the LU buildings across the country in order to teach AUNOHR students wherever may be.

AUNOHR is also set to build an important university campus worthy of the non-violence concept and which will be the first university campus to provide non-violence majors to Lebanon and the Arab world.

As to the administrative offices, they are located in downtown Beirut, in Gemmayzeh.